Using OptiCORE Network adapters with Vista & Windows 7


Use the Intel 21143 NDIS3, NDIS4 and NDIS5 Unified 21xxx drivers v5.05 driver.
You can download it from Intel at the following link:

You will need to install the NDIS 5 driver found in the following folder of the download:


After install for Fiber Optic Adapters, use the driver config process to select full or half duplex. It will be similar to this: (depending on the Windows version)

1. Open 'Control Panel'
2. Select 'Hardware and Sound'
3. Under 'Devices and Printers' select 'Device Manager'
4. Select “Properties”
5. Expand 'Network Adapters'
6. Right click on Intel 21143 based 10/100 mbps Ethernet Controller'
7. Select “Properties”
8. Select the “Advanced” tab
9. Under “Property:”, highlight “Connection Type”
10. Under “Value:” select “100BaseFx Full Duplex” or “100BaseFx” to match the port on the hub or switch where the adapter is connected. Hubs always use “100Base Fx”.
11. Click “OK” on the “Intel 21143 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter Properties” dialog box 10. Click “OK” on the “Local Area Connection Properties” dialog box.
12. Click “Close” on the “Local Area Connection Status” dialog box.

After a few moments, the “100Mbps” light should illuminate on the adapter, and the “Local Area Connection” icon in the “Network and Dial-Up Connections” should indicate a normal connection.

Shut down and restart the system, and verify the “100Mbps” link light and “Activity” light on the adapter.