8112 Adapter Installation In Windows 95

Support Bulletin: 7030

This document contains instructions for using the RTR4ODI.COM in Windows 95 with the Racore 8112 Token Ring Network Adapter. This same procedure can be used with other adapters as well with their respective ODI driver.

What You Need To Start:

  • A Racore 8112 token ring adapter inserted in an ISA slot in your Windows 95 machine.

  • Your adapter's hardware settings (dip switch settings for I/O address, interrupt etc. that do not conflict with any other devices).

  • The 8112 ODI driver (RTR4ODI.COM). If you don't already have this then click here.

  • Your Windows 95 CD or diskettes.


How To Do It:

1. Start with a clean Windows 95 machine. Make sure that nothing is listing in the Network section of the Control Panel, if there is remove it and restart Windows 95 before continuing.

2. Run Sysedit.exe to edit your Config.sys file. It should be mostly empty- specifically you should NOT be loading Himem.sys, Emm386.exe in the config.sys. Also you should not need a "Lastdrive=" statement at all.

3. Your Autoexec.bat file should be faily empty as well, but you will need to add these two lines:

note: You will copy these files to your windows directory later. You should remove any other lines that refer to lsl, rtr4odi, ipxodi, netx or vlm's.

4. Edit your System.ini file by adding ONE of the following lines to the [386Enh] section:

emmexclude=cc00-cfff (if your adapters mem setting is CC00) - or -
emmexclude=d000-d3ff (if your adapters mem setting is D000)
note: This must match your cards memory address or else your machine will hang when you restart it.

5. Copy rtr4odi.com and lsl.com to your windows directory (as specified in the Config.sys)

6. Restart your machine. When rtr4odi.com loads in the Config.sys your adapter should insert into the ring. Windows 95 should continue to load without locking up.

7. from the Network section of the Control Panel, click on the Add button and double-click Adapter. Choose Existing ODI Driver and click on OK. This will add the Client for both Microsoft and Novell Networks automatically. Clock on OK to close the Network properties window. You will be prompted for your Win95 CD ROM and some other networking client files. When prompted to reboot, accept.

You machine should be working now. As an option, you may install other Microsoft components, such as Microsoft's TCP/IP.