PCMCIA Adapter Not Detected by Windows 95

Support Bulletin: 7010

When using the Racore M8134 adapter in Windows 95, there is a condition in which the system may over-write the M8134's information ROM, causing the adapter to lose functionality with card & socket services and Windows 95. The adapter will still function in DOS with the real mode enabler, but running RCPDIAG.EXE will report "No configuration register found".

This situation to date has been identified by us on the Twinhead Slimnote-890TX and the Compaq Armada 1100.

This problem can be initially prevented before the adapter is installed in Windows 95 by following these steps:

  1. Before the Racore PCMCIA adapter is inserted into the machine, edit your SYSTEM.INI file and add the line emmexclude=d000-d3ff to the [386Enh] section.

  2. Shutdown the machine. With the power off, insert the Racore PCMCIA and connect your network cable. Power the machine back on.

  3. Windows 95 should find your adapter and prompt for a driver. Install the Racore PCMCIA adapter driver and when asked to specify a memory window select D000. When the driver installation is complete, restart your machine as prompted.

If this has happened to your adapter you can rewrite your adapter's information area by following these steps:

  1. Download UPCIS120.ZIP (2.2kb) and extract the file UPD8CIS.EXE version 1.20 to a hard drive or diskette.

  2. Add the real mode enabler (PCMDRI.DOS found on the driver diskette) to your CONFIG.SYS file. This can be done by copying the file PCMDRI.DOS from the driver disk to the root of your C: drive and adding the line "DEVICE=C:\PCMDRI.DOS" to your CONFIG.SYS file. Temporarily remark out any other lines.

  3. With your PCMCIA adapter inserted into your machine, boot up to a DOS prompt by restarting your machine and pressing the F8 key during the 2 second time you see "Starting Windows 95"; then select the option "Command Prompt Only". The real mode enabler should load in your CONFIG.SYS file and report your PCMCIA adapters hardware settings and node address.

  4. Execute the file you downloaded by typing UPD8CIS.EXE at the proper DOS path and pressing Enter.

  5. Remove your PCMCIA adapter from your machine and follow the steps above to install your adapter in Windows 95.