Chameleon NFS V4.5 & 4.6 with Racore Token Ring Adapters

Support Bulletin: 6030 Rev A

This document contains information on the use of Chameleon NFS V4.5 & 4.6 and Windows for Workgroups 3.11 with Racore Token Ring adapters. This installation requires Racore’s NDIS 2 Real Mode driver configured for LOOKAHEAD mode, which is not the default mode for this driver.

Using the Racore driver in its default mode will prevent Chameleon from functioning properly. The most obvious indication of failure is the inability to PING other stations on the network.

Racore Adapters & Drivers associated with this document

8116, 8117, 8118, 8119: use RTR16NDS.DOS

8134 (PCMCIA) & 8154 (PCI): use RCPTRNDS.DOS


The NDIS 2 specification offers 2 methods for receiving frames, RECEIVE CHAIN and LOOKAHEAD. Protocols that comply with the NDIS 2 specification are required to support both methods; however, this is not always the case.

The default mode for the Racore NDIS 2 driver is RECEIVE CHAIN, but this driver also supports LOOKAHEAD mode via command line switch in the PROTOCOL.INI. LOOKAHEAD mode is required for Chameleon NFS.

Here is an example of a PROTOCOL.INI in which the Racore adapter section has been modified for LOOKAHEAD mode:

Drivername = RTR16NDS$

(Notice that the keyword LOOKAHEAD has been added. This is all that is needed.)


The simplest way to enable LOOKAHEAD mode is by editing the PROTOCOL.INI file as shown above, using either SYSEDIT or any ASCII text editor. NOTE: this assumes that you have already installed the Racore driver in Windows Network Setup. This method may be used for all of the above listed Racore adapters, and is the only method available for the 8134 & 8154 adapters.


8116, 8117, 8118, 8119 ALTERNATE METHOD:

The Windows installation file for these adapters provides a LOOKAHEAD option in the DRIVER SETUP window. This may be used either during the initial installation of the Racore adapter, or after the driver has been installed

From the NETWORK DRIVERS window (Control Panel, Network, Network Setup, Drivers), highlight the Racore driver, then click on SETUP. Click on ENABLE LOOKAHEAD MODE. Click OK to exit and save, then reboot.

This completes the modification. You should now have full Chameleon NFS functionality.